Pipeline Maintenance & Repair

Multigas is an expert in pipeline maintenance & repair projects. The main scope of works include the following:
- Engineering
- Excavations
- In-service welding
- Pipeline modifications
- Pipeline re-routing
- Pigging
- Hydro-testing
- Pipeline restoration & repairs

Isolation & Replacement of internally leaking valves on live transmission (70 barg) end pipes. Main Features:
- Awarding Authority: PJSC Stroytransgaz / Desfa S.A.
- In-service welding of half segmented fittings under full pressure – no flow conditions
- Pipeworks
- Replacement of twenty two (22) internally leaking valves 2’’ and 4’’

As pipeline networks age, the necessity for adequate maintenance and occasional repairs is increasing. Multigas is serving this sensitive segment of the pipeline industry, with the highest standards of expertise and quality.