About us

Multigas is one of the most active and expert pipeline contractors in the south-east European market.

The company is headquartered in Northern Greece, in the city of Drama. The operational center is in Thessaloniki, while a branch is situated in the Greek capital of Athens.

Multigas is constructing almost every kind of pipeline network, from fuel to wastewater utilities and from steam to fire fighting. The company is also constructing private HVAC systems and fuel installations.

From the early years, Multigas has invested in the formation of a duly qualified and experienced team of professionals consisted by engineers, foremen, welders, pipe fitters, coaters, technicians and assisting personnel.

Fully equipped with all the necessary means and equipment, as well as two workshops for preparatory works, Multigas is competent to confront the needs of any pipeline project throughout the region.

Based on the high quality services and technical expertise, Multigas has evolved to a partner of choice for all the regional pipeline owners, operators and major pipeline contractors.

Since the year 2000, Multigas has built a significant part of the natural gas system of Greece, including transmission and distribution networks in steel and polyethylene pipes.

Multigas’ extensive activities in the petroleum industry, include the construction of refineries’ piping networks, tank terminals’ loading systems as well as gas station installations.

Driven by the experience gained over the Oil & Gas pipeline projects, the company is also undertaking the construction of water utilities and wastewater mains.