The milestones in Multigas’ history are summarized in the below list of events that had an exceptional significance in the company’s development.

1999 – Establishment of MULTIGAS, A.Chrisopoulos – S.Tsolpidis O.E. in the city of Drama.

2003 – Opening of Thessaloniki’s operational center, allowing easier access to harbor and airport services.

2004 – Main contractor of EPA Thessalonikis S.A. and E.P.A. Thessalias S.A., for the expansion of the distribution network in Thessaloniki and Central Greece. Annual contract renewals.

2006 – Assignment of maintenance project on DESFA’s gas transmission pipeline. Ever since, Multigas is almost exclusively performing all the emergency repair works on the north part of the Greek transmission pipeline.

2007 – Construction of national gas transmission pipeline (section Abelia – Trikala – Karditsa).

2007 – 24-hour Alert and Emergency Repair services for E.P.A. Thessalonikis S.A. Annual contract renewals.

2008 – Construction of national gas transmission pipeline (Livadia sections).

2009 – Main contractor of EPA Attikis S.A., for the expansion of the distribution network in Athens & Emergency Repair Services. Annual contract renewals.

2009 – Opening of Athens’ branch, serving the increasing demands of Southern Greek market.

2010 – Commissioning services for 16’’ branch pipeline connecting TE-TO A.D. - Skopje’s Power Plant to the gas mains in Macedonia.

2011 – On-stream gas transmission repairs for PJSC Stroytransgaz, at the Greek-Turkish borders.

2012 – Maintenance of the Macedonian gas transmission pipeline for GA-MA A.D. – Skopje.